〔Wellness Concept〕 Relaxing Oil(Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Partner)-for sooth, relax and de-stress the body

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    • Type:Compound Essential Oil
    • Width(cm):1.5
    • Length(cm):1.5
    • Height(cm):10
    • Weight(kg):.1

    Key Features

    Relaxing oil is awarded by Chinese Taipei Olympic committee and become cooperative partner

    Its roll-on applicator and massages your muscles as the Relaxing Oil is applied.

    More than 50,000 people (including athletes) have used this product.

    It takes less than 10-20 minutes to relax muscle and improve any kinds of muscle pain after exercise.

    Main appeals:

    (1) Relax muscle and improve stiffness to make it more soft

    (2) Accelerate blood circulation

    (3) Lattice acid metabolism

    (4) All muscle and joint relative pain (includes headache)

    (5) Convenient for self-use

    Suitable for:

    (1) computer users

    (2) sports or labors

    (3) tourist, shopping people

    (4) long-time standing workers (soldier, police, teacher)

    (5) long-time sitting workers

    (6) driver (fix position)

    (7) housewife

    (8) elders

    (9) novice parents

    (10) mountaineering and outdoor activities

    (11) sport injury, rehabilitation and home nursing

    (12) long-term lie in bed

    The best gift for different occasions

    (1) suitable for everyone

    (2) easy to carry

    (3) nice smell and fashionable

    (4) low price

    (5) free to adjust the quantity of gift

    (6) preservation period is long


    Apply bigger range than the specific sore area.  

    Tips for the fast effective:

    (1) Rub the gap of bone close to sore area (skull gap, scapula gap) or near acupoint.

    (2) If more than second times to be applied, take a 15 minutes rest for each use.

    (3) It is more effective when hot/warm compress is applied.

    Testing: Rub one side first and rub another side after 5 minutes when the result comes out.


    (1) Avoid eyes and mucosa.

    (2) Pregnant woman shall reduce dosage and avoid rubbing on the abdomen or back waist.


    (1) Keep away from children eating.

    (2) Please make sure cap has been secured properly to keep nice smell and prevent oxidation.

    (3) If oily smell comes out due to oxidation, wipe roller with alcohol will be fine. Inside of content will not become staled easily.

    (4) High temperature inside of car will cause the product changes and reduce effect. Please avoid exposing it under the sun or heat.

    (5) Preservation period is 3 years if product is not open.

    This product meets the regulation of naturopath.

    It has passed the analysis of non-steroid, non-plasticizer, heavy metal and microbe.

    Product description: 8ml/50ml-Plastic roller        

                                   10ml- Glass roller                     

                                   100ml-Glass bottle Method of cooperation:

    Alternative for cooperative partner:

    (1) Signing contract for two parties: achieved basic purchasing quantity every year to ensure selling district.

    (2) Purely purchasing product or cooperated by OEM or ODM.


    Main Export Market

    Hong Kong ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Taiwan ,United States



    • Relaxing Oil


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