[Wellness Concept] Don't Kiss Me Lotion-Prevents insect bites

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    Key Features

    (1)Prevents insect bites, and also works as a mosquito-repellent. (2)A special blend of natural essential oils. (3)No chemosynthesis added, no poisonous substances included (i.e. DEET). (4)Gentle and non-irritating, safe for use. (5)The packaging of this insect repellent is also very cute and handy. This product meets the regulation of naturopath. Passed the residual test of heavy metals, microbe (see attachment). ● Suitable for sports, travelers, outdoor active people. ● Size/Container:20gm/Tube(Provides the sample sales)                             50gm/Plastic bottle The following are your options:  (A) Enter a contract for a specific quantity of the product and for exclusive rights           to sell the product within a specified area.          Specific terms of the contract are to be determined upon negotiation.  (B) Order a specific amount of product and we can print our brand's label on the           product's container or we can print your brand's label on the product's           container. OEM , ODM. This option is subject to minimum purchase           requirements that are to be determined upon negotiation.

    Main Export Market

    Hong Kong ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Singapore ,Taiwan ,United States


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