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Tummy Comfort Effervescent Tablet

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    Key Features

    Function: (1) Keep your mouth fresh (2) speed up meat digestion and reduce fat absorption (3) Assist you in digestion and absorption after eating; relieve the syndromes of bloated stomach and stomach ache.

    Suitable for (1) diners of hotpot shops, restaurants, night clubs (2) family members to share after dining (3) meat lovers (4) people with light headache

    Usage: (1) Put 1 tablet into 250cc.±50cc. water (under 35℃), shake it and drink it after the bubbles dissolved. You may adjust concentration according to your preference. (2) Drink slowly to improve the odor of the month. (3) To relieve light headache, drink extra 500cc. warm water within 10 mins after taking the tablet. (4) Suggest not to take more than 6 tablets a day.

    Reminders: (1)Do not eat or swallow it directly. (2)The product contains Viatamin B groups, thus the urine may turn yellow after drink. (3) Store the pack in cold place and keep it away from children. (4) The product is easy to become damp, please finish it as soon as you open the package. (In the future you can choose single packed tablet in foil bag, or 10 tablets packed in moisture proof can.) (5) pregnant women should use with care.

    Note: The product can be made as effervescent tablet; it can also be made as powder packed in foil bag, so that it can be brewed directly without bubbles and no carbonic acid.