Run to Smile- Sport Kit

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    • Type:Compound Essential Oil

    Key Features

    Relaxing Oil 8ml x 2pcs
    (1) Consists of a variety of plant formula without medicine.
    (2) The roller design can increase the massage function.
    (3)Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Partner.
    (4)It is a superior product used by national athletes, and is also suitable for use by everyone.

    Power Up Sports Drink (Powder)  6gm x 10pags
    (1) Only 6 gm per pack. It is intended to be mixed with 800-1200ml of water.(either matter hot water or cold water).
    (2) Use as a supplement for necessary nutrition while you exercise. This product helps with endurance, prevents muscle spasms and helps speed up metabolism of lactic acid to reduce muscle fatigue and pain. Contain BCAA, Rhodiola Rosea Extract,  minerals and Vitamin B &C. Less than 35 calories per packet.  (Less calories than an orange).
    (3) It has passed  the inspection and test of non-plasticizers, non-medicine, heavy metal, microbe..etc.

    Our company control all products raw material, then assign qualified Taiwan GMP factory to manufacture and supervise QA/QC process. And you are free to choose our brand or you may use your own brand.

    The following are your options:
    (A) Enter a contract for a specific quantity of the product and for exclusive rights to sell the product within a specified area. Specific terms of the contract are to be determined upon negotiation.
    (B) Order a specific amount of product and we can print our brand's label on the product's container or we can print your brand's label on the product's container. OEM , ODM. This option is subject to minimum purchase requirements that are to be determined upon negotiation.

    Main Export Market

    Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Myanmar ,Singapore

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