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PMS Lotion- Physiological period dedicated

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    Key Features

    Anti-Premenstrual syndrome.


    (1) Help relieve menstrual pain.

    (2) Improve menstrual edema.

    (3) Soothe emotions.

    (4) Soothing any discomfort caused by menstrual status.

    (5) Non-medicine, absorbed through the skin, non-oral way, will not hurt the stomach, very suitable for people who with bad stomach or ulcers, will not increase the burden of liver and kidney, high security.

    (6) Wipe in the pain site, the number of times and intervals are not limited, you can use when needed.

    (7) Pregnant women or women may be pregnant, no menstrual, children under age is not recommended, allergic to camphor, careful use.

    Size/Container: 30gm / Plastic Jar

    The following are your options:

    (A) Enter a contract for a specific quantity of the product and for exclusive rights to sell the product within a specified area. Specific terms of the contract are to be determined upon negotiation.

    (B) Order a specific amount of product and we can print our brand's label on the product's container or we can print your brand's label on the product's container. OEM , ODM. This option is subject to minimum purchase requirements that are to be determined upon negotiation.