Nutritional Supplements-for women health: charming/metabolic syndrome 60cap./box

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

*TO help metabolism and keep good health. *Combinations of multivitamin B, involved in energy metabolism, maintain skin and red blood cell formation, and promote heart, nervous system health. Supplementary water-soluble vitamin B group dailycan remain energetic. *It has been passed by theinspection and test of non-plasticizers, pesticide residue, non-medicine, heavymetal, microbe..etc. The following are your options: (A) Enter a contract for a specific quantity of the product and for exclusive rights to sell the product within a specified area. Specific terms of the contract are to be determined upon negotiation. (B) Order a specific amount of product and we can print our brand's label on the product's container or we can print your brand's label on the product's container. OEM , ODM. This option is subject to minimum purchase requirements that are to be determined upon negotiation.

Main Export Market

Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Myanmar ,Singapore ,Taiwan ,United States

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal

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