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Lover's Hand (Warming) Effervescent Tablet

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    Key Features

    Function: activate circulation, make body to generate heat quickly and keep the whole body warm.

    Suitable for: (1) People who live in cold weather, for both genders and in all ages. (2) People with poor circulation and have cold hands/feet (e.g. women, elders, people who are lack of exercise) (3) carsick, seasick, nausea (4) stomachache caused by cold (5) women to warm their belly during monthly period (6) pregnant women with morning sick

    Usage: (1) Put 1 tablet into 330cc.±50cc. water (under 35℃), shake it and drink it after the bubbles dissolved. You may adjust concentration according to your preference. (2) Needs not to be drunk in one go and can be spreaded over the day. (3) Please drink at least 100 cc. in order to generate heat quickly. (4) Suggest not to take more than 6 tablets a day.

    Reminders: (1)Do not eat or swallow it directly. (2)The product contains Viatamin B groups, thus the urine may turn yellow after drink.(3) Store the pack in cold place and keep it away from children.(4) The product is easy to become damp, please finish it as soon as you open the package. (In the future you can choose single packed tablet in foil bag, or 10 tablets packed in moisture proof can.)

    Note: The product can be made as effervescent tablet; it can also be made as powder packed in foil bag, so that it can be brewed directly without bubbles and no carbonic acid.