Kid's Joy Set

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    Key Features

    Don't Kiss Me Lotion 20gm x 1pcs

    (1) No “DEET” contained, it won't damage cranial nerve. Combined with sunscreen products does not cause intoxication or coma so it will be safe for kids use.

    (2) The lotion is used for prevention or after bite. It can reduce swelling, relieve itching and prevent inflammation in part.

    (3) With moisturizing, hydrophilic, non-sticky, fragrant, neutral and suitable for all ages.

    (4) It is applied to all kinds of itching (including crotch).

    Baby Comfort Lotion 20gm x 1pcs

    (1) 5-15 minutes quick release flatus, 1-2 - hours to improve mild diarrhea and mild constipation. Drink plenty of water to regulating digestive function at the same time.

    (2) It is safe and available with baby (after drinking milk, rub some lotion slightly on baby's belly to make baby feel comfortable and release flatus).

    (3) With moisturizing effect, it is loved and chosen by female consumer and young mother.

    (4) Hydrophilic, non-sticky, fragrant, neutral and suitable for all ages.

    (5) Amount shall be increased for adult use. (6) Sweets cause slight hyperacidity can also be used.

    Sweet Dream Lotion 20gm x 1pcs

    (1) a variety of plants extracted ingredients instead of sleeping pills so it will not become a burden to the liver and kidney and will not affect the function of brain.

    (2) To be auxiliary of medicine, halve dosage in order to reduce side-effects (no western medicine contained).

    (3) Improve long-term insomnia, adjust time lag, tension, pressure and restless with anxiety.

    Note: The lotion is prohibited to apply before driving or those people who are engaged in machinery, transporting or dangerous job.

    Breathe Easy Cream 20gm x 1pcs

    (1) Purifying the bacterium in the air, avoiding the respiratory tract infection, easing the discomfort of Cold.

    (2) Relieve discomfort of a cold, nasal congestion, running nose as well as improving immunity and accelerating health restoration.

    (3) Apply to the neck area when having sore throat, it can help to relieves cough, reduces phlegm.

    (4) Relaxes the trachea spasm, relieve shortness of breathe.

    (5) Contain essential oil ingredients ,With moisturizing, hydrophilic, non-sticky.

    (6) Suitable for children and elderly people when they have cold or lung infection Children under 4 years old can only take 1-2g and dilute with water.

    Method of cooperation: Alternative for cooperative partner:

    (1) Signing contract for two parties: achieved basic purchasing quantity every year to ensure selling district.

    (2) Purely purchasing product or cooperated by OEM or ODM.


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