Eyes Area Essential Oil

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    Improving your dry fine lines


    • Type:Compound Essential Oil

    Key Features


    Essential oils for eye area has the effect of hydrating, firming, whitening and dull improving, moisturizing, anti-aging and wrinkle smoothing. It is able to form a protective film and maintain skin healthy. The ingredient contains plant extracted oil and base oil from refined of plant. It is also the nutrient of skin to make your skin full of fragrance and brightness. Different types of skin has different timing to show the effects. 

    Specially formulated to improve dry fine lines around eyes area, activation and nourishing skin. It is also suitable for whole face use.

    Usage: After face clense and dry, put toner on the skin to keep your skin moistness. Apply 2-6 drops (according to individual needs) of essential oils around eyes area or whole face. Please avoid eyes or sensitive position.

    Preservation methods:
    (1) For pour out essential oil, do not re-pour back to avoid pollution caused by deteriorayion and damage.
    (2) Please wipe the bottle lip and tighten bottle cap securely after use to avoid contact air. After opening and the oil has not used up for long period of time, please use alcohol to wipe the bottle lip if greasy smell comes out.

    Warning: (1) Keep out of reach of children.

                    (2) Avoid excessive heat. 

    Shelf life:3 years if unopened, Once the package is opened, use the product as soon as possible.

    Expiration Date:See under the folding box.

    Product description: 10ml/15ml/30ml/50ml