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    • Feature:Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Firming
    • Use:Day,Night

    Key Features

    The best external product to restore the young, physical strength and Maintain optimal health for middle-aged people

    (A) Advancer of botanical hormones, it will transform to DHEA via adrenal gland after absorbed by body (produced male or female hormones in accordance with sex). This hormone required to transform themselves through the body, rather than direct supply hormones and so it is very safe. We can say that it is the optimal hormone supplements for Men or Women over the age of 35.

    (B) According to Chinese medicine theory, Mexican wild yam and Chinese yam are the same family. Kidney meridian, spleen meridian, lung meridian are all beneficial for the operation of digestive system, health care after middle age and delaying aging.

    (C) Geranium helps blood and lymph circulation, DHEA can lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, improve fat accumulation caused by hormonal decline and obesity.

    (D) Endocrine regulation, improve brain memory function, enhance immunity, physical strength and slow down the aging caused by dysfunction.

    Suitable for: Female:

    (1) Plumping and lifting breast and make figure shape more well-proportioned and healthy.

    (2) women in menopause, improvement of premenstrual syndrome.

          Male:promote morale, recover physical power, let you feel relaxed, cheerful and full of vitality.

          F&M:Improve sexual relationship between two sex, and preventing sexual frigid.

    Ingredients:Wild Yam…。


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    Main Export Market

    Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Singapore ,Taiwan



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