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Vision of the Company:
Sincerity in Prescription, Kind with Heart, and Health to the World

Wellness Concept defines the term “Wellness Concept” from the perspective of Naturopathy, integrating Eastern and Western medicine as well as nutrition and aromatherapy, to manufacture products by utilizing natural plants and minerals. The users may strengthen their immune system, make internal body mechanism functions well, slow down the aging process and awake the positive energy of the body

WELLNESS CONCEPT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. ("Wellness Concept") was incorporated in 2004 by a group of friends with like-minded. The Company is branding as “Wellness Concept”, focusing on various aspects of health industry.

The products are sold via various channels according to its features, including five-star hotels, sports shops, beauty salons, SPA, health check instruments channel, gift shops, direct sales, online shopping etc. Through different cooperation our quality products are able to reach more users and at the same time benefit our business partners. We hope this natural and preventive medicine-centered health concept could develop sustainably, let human beings enjoy better lift quality all of their lives.
Wellness Concept now has retailers in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Burma, and other countries.


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